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The YouTube NDIS channel

The one thing the NDIS certainly doesn’t have a shortage of is information about the scheme, but it can be hard to know where to start. So if you’re more of a “sounds and moving pictures” learner, rather than reading through brochures, manuals, and other written material, you may want to subscribe to the NDIS YouTube channel.

There are dozens of short videos (usually under 5 minutes) that break complex topics up into bite sized chunks. They have also been curated into playlists based on topic area, some of the more helpful ones to start with may be How the NDIS works and NDIS Stories, but have a look through the whole collection.

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From NDIS with love…

NDIS logo

Many people may have received an introductory letter from the NDIS in January. This letter refers to a phone call you may receive, called an “access request”, which should just be to confirm your eligibility to access the scheme.

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A worthy cause, now with added tax deductibility!

ACNC Charity LogoMACS has always been a not-for-profit organisation, but many of you may not know that MACS recently registered for tax deductible charity status. So now, for any donation over two dollars, you can earn our eternal thanks and claim it on your tax!

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Emergency Phone Etiquette

Image showing phone emojis with a person screaming in between

Just a friendly reminder that the emergency on-call phone should only be contacted after-hours in emergency situations. For the health and well-being of our staff, we need to minimise the number of after-hours calls to this phone, particularly if they’re not urgent.

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NDIS Update – What’s in a name?

One of the hopefully good things about the NDIS, once it’s fully rolled out, will be its funding portability. Instead of being tied to a service provider (usually a bad thing), the service participant (that’s you) can take their funding wherever they like. Hopefully this will minimise situations where the fit between service participant and provider doesn’t match. While it will mean there’s greater flow of service users (a good thing) it also means service providers have to market themselves more effectively to potential new customers. Continue reading

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NDIS Update – You never appreciate your health until you don’t have it…

When the MACS NDIS subcommittee first formed we had planned to provide monthly progress reports with hopefully substantial news to share. However, there was a spanner thrown in the works. Or to be more accurate, an appendix.

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NDIS Update – Knowledge is Power

Many service users are no doubt looking forward to the rollout of the NDIS in Queensland. If you’re like MACS staff and the Management Committee, that’s probably with a mixture of hope and apprehension.

NDIS logo - click to go to website

More specifically though, people want to know what MACS is doing to prepare. While it may outwardly appear as “business as usual,” MACS has been doing quite a lot behind the scenes.

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February 2017 Newsletter

Newsletter February 2017 (pdf, 1MB)

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Protected: Staff forms

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MACS Marketing and Branding Survey

With the NDIS approaching it is important that MACS is able to market itself to as many potential clients (both existing and new) as possible.

However, we want to do so in a way that existing services users feel is appropriate.

To that end we’d like your feedback by filling out a short 5 question online survey.

The survey is at:

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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